Dr. Ellie Mannette

Jeff and Dr. Mannette


    I had the honor and privilege of meeting and speaking with Dr. Ellie Mannette, the man credited with creating the modern Steel Drum.  We met at the International Association of Pan Convention in Akron, Ohio, in April of 2006. 

Dr. Mannette is the Artist-In-Residence at West Virginia University, and is C.E.O. of Mannette Steel Drums based in Morgantown, West Virginia. 



   To those of you new to the world of Pan, here is a song by David Rudder and Pelham Goddard/ sung by David Rudder, called "THE HAMMER".  It was written about the passing of Rudolph Charles, one of the great Tuners and Innovators in the development of the steel pan.  I have furnished the lyrics to follow along with the magical story of the pan tuner, The Hammer.  The song is performed by Andy Narell, from his Windham Hill Jazz CD, "The Hammer", and is 5:22 in length.  I hope you enjoy this musical history of pan!


Directions for download:  For the best experience, right click on each link below, one at a time.  Select "Save" or "Save Link As" (the menu option may differ depending on the Internet Browser you are using).  Save the file to your PC.  Note:  The song file is large, approx. 7.5 megs so be patient when downloading.  After the download is complete double click the file name to open the file.  You must have Microsoft Word to view the Lyrics.  You must have a media player program capable of playing mp3 files to play the song.   ENJOY!!             

 Andy Narell's "THE HAMMER" Song File

Lyrics for "THE HAMMER"



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